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Polhawn Fort

Polhawn Fort


You’ve found ‘the one’ partner, it seems right to find ‘the one’ wedding venue that’s your perfect match too. But traipsing between hotels, on the hunt for a unique wedding venue, you can start to glaze over. Well, pass the smelling salts because Polhawn Fort is something else entirely. A real Napoleonic fort, complete with cannon, drawbridge and walls eight feet thick, it’s the real deal.

Granite staircases spiral towards huge vaulted ceilings and rows of windows face out to sea. If you want a unique or unusual wedding, it could well be ‘the one’.

Steeped in history, it was built to discourage Napoleon III from even thinking of invading us. And there’s a bonus. It’s never seen any action, so you won’t be starting married life ona battleground!

Website :   Polhawn Fort